Monday, 30 March 2015

Emmalouise: March Favourites

Emmalouise: March Favourites: Hey guys, so I'm going to go through a few items that I'm liking this month. I got a lovely pay day last month so it's be...

March Favourites

Hey guys, so I'm going to go through a few items that I'm liking this month. I got a lovely pay day last month so it's been a goof month to go out and splurge!

First of my favourite beauty products is the Benefit 'boing' concealer. It retails at £17.50, some may say a bit pricey but personally I love it and think it's worth every penny! I brought mine back in September/October last year and I have only just hit pan.. So as you can tell, it lasts a long time!

This concesler is described as 'industrial strength' which I would agree with for sure. Pop some primer on and then using your fingertip or concealer brush, apply to your dark circles and blemish and literally see them disappear. When I'm having a lazy day (quite often!) this concesler with a face powder is enough to get me through the day without looking like a zombie. Definitely recommend giving this a go guys :)

My second product is another one from Benefit, their Roller lash' mascara.  This retails at £19.50 and 
 again think this is worth every penny! This gives an amazing curl but as I like more of a thicker 
look  I do apply another mascara on top or brush on fibres. However it looks lush on it's own as well. This mascara is also water resistant and has lash conditionin benefits; so we can't really complain ay? The brush is slightly different to normal mascaras as it has tiny hooks that as you roll the wand upwards, grab your lashes and hence giving them such a curled effect. I struggled slightly at fist to work with it but after a couple of times.. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

This next product is the Rimmel 'Colour rush colour balm' and this is the colour 300 ''viva violet'. 
But obviously they do a large range of other colours from nudes to reds. This retails at £5.99 in Boots, however I got it for a couple of quid off of a fab website, which I'll link at the bottom. Personally I find this product quite versatile in the fact I can achieve completely different looks with it. Team it up with a lipstick as a liner, pop a little on as a balm or build it up and have a more heavy look. Have a play and see what works for you and your mood.. We all know us woman change our minds often enough ;)

The final item/s I'm raving over is the Boots Ecotools range of brushes. In the picture the brush in the 
left is the blush brush and on the right is the large powder brush. I also have the eye brushes and can't 
fault this range to be honest. All the brushes Are under a tenner and I'd honestly pay more for the quality of them. They're super soft and give a brilliant application. I do like the real techniques brushes but personally think these are just as good, if not better and for a much more affordable price.

Hope you've enjoyed my first blog guys, feel free to comment or for suggest anything for future blogs as I'm fresh to this completely!  Check out this website for amazing offers on make up, perfumes and hair products etc. 

Lotsa love